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Brian Bell
Technology Facilitator
Brian Bell

Brian Bell has been in Information Technology since the 80's in various functions. Since 2002 he has been the Technology Facilitator for the Ell-Saline USD307 District. Ell-Saline has used PowerSchool as the District’s SIS since 2006.

Brian's responsibility includes but not limited to; Administration, maintenance, implementation and support for all Databases, Servers, Networking equipment, Workstations, Mobile devices, Presentation equipment, Sound systems, Security systems, Video systems, Telephone systems, Environmental (HVAC) systems and other miscellaneous devices. And let's don't forget PowerSchool Administration.

Job duties simplified; If it has or uses a power source and/or has any sort of operating system, I support it, configure it, troubleshoot it, fix it, and educate other people on how to use it.


See Below for Presentations, Presentation Handouts and How-To Documents

Phone: 785-914-5602 Email: Brian Bell

Ell-Saline USD307
412 E. Anderson
Brookville KS 67425


Certifications / Awards
PowerSchool IPT A+ Certified - CompTIA Distinguished Leader in Online Safety
Microsoft Certified Professional PowerSchool School Counselor Certified Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert


Reports 2.0 - PowerSchool SIS


Recourses and guidance on PowerSchool reports including setting up custom reports with PowerSchool Codes and HTML Codes. Guidance on what report techniques to use and when. Learn when it is best to use system reports, custom reports or data exports to retrieve your data.


Database Export Manager (DEM and Direct Database Export (DDE)


The Data Export Manager is a combination of legacy products - DDE and export templates.  Resources and examples are provided.



Kansas State Reporting - PowerSchool KIDS Colleciton and KSDE/KIDS File Specification changes 

Documentation of most recent PowerSchool and  KiDS changes that affect the KSDE KIDS uploads.  Includes references to source information.


New Staff PowerSchool Training


Support Resources that I use in my PowerSchool New Staff Training.


Creating a New Staff Member


Step by step walk through on creating a Staff Member in PowerSchool Admin  


Permanently Store Grades in PowerSchool  


Reference and documentation on how to Permanently Store Grades in PowerSchool 


Search in PowerSchool - How to


How to document explains the basics of searching in PowerSchool to make the most of your time.  Start with easy searches and work your way up to advance searches.  Search on  Birthdays, Courses, Sections, Teachers, Absences, Alerts, Activities, and more.


DATs, Object Reports in Quick Export, Student Lists and Object Reports


Reference and documentation on some of the available DATs and how to use them in Quick Export, Student List and Object Reports


PowerSchool - Easy Activity Setup and Using Activities

Assigning students to activities in PowerSchool can help save time when marking the basketball team as absent when traveling, or sending letters home for the bowling team.


Parent Portal Troubleshooting


Walk-Through on how to troubleshoot and resolve Parent Portal issues.


Calendar Setup in PowerSchool


Walk-Through with references to setting up a school's Calendar and how to quickly create a calendar.


KIDs Collection - Tips-N-Tricks and Gotcha’s


This document provides common Tips-N-Tricks, Gotcha’s, where to find answers for the KIDs Collection reports in PowerSchool and KSDE KID’s data upload.


KIDSs Collection TEST Report Assessment Field Value

Instructional how-to and walk through on resetting the assessment values in PowerSchool to 0. Finding and choosing the correct assessment and grade levels. And finally, changing the assessment value to 2. CTE General Assessment.


Kansas State Reporting - PowerSchool KIDS Colleciton and KSDE/KIDS File Specification changes 

Documentation of most recent PowerSchool and  KiDS changes that affect the KSDE KIDS uploads.  Includes references to source information.


KIDS Collection EXIT


This document will provide explanations for the 4 different types of EXITs available with the KIDS Collection EXIT report.  The presentation will offer tips, tricks and gotcha's that should be helpful in successfully creating and submitting the EXIT report.

No-Show Students, How to Exit in PowerSchool

goo.gl/bxN5Eq   or  bit.ly/PSnoShow 

This document explains how to exit a student who did not return from the previous term, but was promoted by the End Of Year rollover.

Start of Year Process - How to in  PowerSchool


This document will provide a steps and suggestions for verifying that the school / district is ready for the start of the year.


PowerSchool Photo Management

This document will cover the basics of creating a Roster file for the photographer, manipulation of the data received from the photographer and importing of the photos into PowerSchool.


Search in PowerSchool - How to


How to document explains the basics of searching in PowerSchool to make the most of your time.  Start with easy searches and work your way up to advance searches.  Search on  Birthdays, Courses, Sections, Teachers, Absences, Alerts, Activities, and more.  

Print Attendance Comments


This document will show you how to print Attendance Comments for everyone in a school or a single student.  This can be done for all days or a range of dates.  The Data is then exported and can be viewed in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.


Chromebook / Device Summer Tasks


This document provides tips and instructions for Long Term Storage of Chromebooks (but good advice for any device).  And the process that I use to get the Chromebooks / devices ready for school.


PowerSchool - SIMPLE Custom Fields and Custom Screens


  • Learn PowerSchool’s data structure
  • Use best practices to create custom fields and screens
  • Brainstorm possible custom screens

Examples include Transportation/Bus setup, Device assignment to students, 


Eligibility - How To PowerSchool


This “how to” guide will show you how to create a Form Letter that includes Course Name, Letter Grade, Percentile Grade, Teacher, Teacher’s eMail for students receiving Non-Passing Grades. AND how to run the Student Selection by current grade in gradebook.   


Lunch Status in PowerSchool


This document will explains that there are 2 Lunch Status fields in PowerSchool. One is the KIDs field and the other is the PowerSchool field.  This document also show how to mass modify those fields for quick data entry.  These fields need to be adjusted at the start of each year and when the financial status of the parents change.


PowerSchool - Preparing for the End of the School Year


Instructional how-to and walk through preparing for the End of Year in PowerSchool


View Feedback on Sched.com - How to
This document provides simple instructions to view feedback on Sched.com for sessions that you presented.

CTE Minutes - Tech_Ed_Minutes


This document is designed to show how Ell-Saline manually calculates CTE Minutes and then uses Quick Import to import those minutes into PowerSchool.


KIDS Minutes Enrolled - Bell Schedule to Educational Minutes - Sections to Educational Minutes

My example of how to convert a bell schedule or a section schedule to Educational Minutes for use in PowerSchool.  Also use this to calculate minutes for CTE courses.


PowerSchool - Auditors Report for 9-20 Count Day

This document explains the Class Rosters and instructions that USD307 does for 9/20 count day.

GMail Migration

This document explains the our current system and what to expect after the Migration.


Microsoft Outlook Tips N Tricks


This document will provide tips and tricks to help you become more efficient user of Microsoft Outlook. Below are some the topics we will cover.  Please click on a topic and the hyperlink will take you to that topic.  More resources are below and at the end of the document.

Parent Teacher Conference Sign up using Google Forms - How To (with video)

This is the best and simplest example of using Google Forms to create a Parent Teacher Conference Sign-up Sheet.  Each teacher can create their own Google Form for the Parent Teacher Conference, share the sheet with everyone who has the link and publish / create a hyperlink of the Parent Teacher Sigh-up Sheet to the Teacher's webpage. This example show how to create the time slots for the conferences on Google Forms. Using Choice Eliminator add on, the time slots that you have listed will automatically be removed from the list of choices as parents make their selections. This avoids double booking and the need to reschedule. Using Forms Notification you will be notified after you have received 10 form submissions, however you can customize how often you will receive the notifications. If I knew I would be seeing a lot of parents, I would change the default from 10 to 1. This helps you plan out your day ahead of time. You can also create a custom notification for the parents once they complete your form. This allows parents to receive a custom notification from you via email.  The Video is 13 minutes long and HIGHLY recommended.


You did WHAT !!??

This session will show you how to reach, or make an impact on your students internet usage in your classroom. The discussion will provide simple definitions about internet safety and resources. Resources will include links to posters about internet safety, copyright usage, verbiage and links to common classroom practices.


Resizing Images in Windows

This document will show how to resize the photo using Microsoft Windows, in 3 easy to follow steps; Open the image using Microsoft Paint, Resize the Image, Save the Image


Creating Courses


>This document will show the steps to successfully create courses in KCCMS and PowerSchool.


PowerSchool Parent Portal Access, How To Create

Instructions for Parents to create an account to view there students using PowerSchool Parent Portal.


PowerSchool Student Email Export

Steps needed to create a file with the Student's Email


Create Internet Shortcut on Desktop - How to

Instructions on how to create an Internet shortcut on a Windows Desktop


Online Teen Safety Guide

Document for Parents and Educators 



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